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Pet Supplies

Grooming And Care Pet Brush

$18.00 – $33.00

Domkim's Grooming And Care Pet Brush is the perfect solution for pets with mats and tangles in their fur. The bristles are fine bent wires that penetrate deep into the...

Pet Slicker Beauty Comb

$22.00 – $24.00

Looking for an easy and effective way to remove your pet's hair? Look no further than the One-key hair removal brush! This unique brush features a patented self-cleaning system that...

Pet Hammock


Is your cat always scratching up your furniture? Do you dread trimming your dog's nails? Well, help is on the way with the Pet Hammock! This innovative product helps to...

Pet Comb


Looking for a pet comb that is safe, comfortable, and durable? Look no further than the Pet Comb! This comb features soft bristles that are gentle on your pet's skin,...

Pet Comb

$20.00 – $24.00

Are you looking for a pet comb that can help reduce hair loss, prevent hair knotting, and promote healthy blood circulation? Look no further than our Pet Comb! Made from...

Pet Backpack


This high-quality pet backpack is perfect for taking your furry friend with you on all your adventures! Made from durable nylon material, it's soft and comfortable for your pet to...

Pet Groomer


Looking for an easy and painless way to remove knots and tangles from your pet's fur? Look no further than the Pet Groomer! This double-sided comb is perfect for all...

Pet Muzzle

$17.00 – $22.00

If you have a long-mouthed dog, then you know the struggle of them trying to bite or lick everything. from your hand, to other animals, to food on the ground...

Pet Brush


Are you tired of your pet's hair everywhere? The Pet Brush is perfect for removing floating pet hair and Penetrating deep into the hair! With a round handle, it is...

Pet Brush


Looking for an easy and efficient way to remove hair from your pet? Look no further than the Pet Brush! Its high-density pin teeth can penetrate deep into the hair...

Pet Seatbelt


Are you searching for a way to keep your pup safe and secure during car trips? Look no further! our Pet Seatbelt is the perfect solution for all your travelling...

Pet Collar


Looking for a way to keep your pup looking sharp? Check out our adjustable suede leather puppy dog collar leash set! This set includes a soft rhinestone small medium dogs...

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